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(Continuation of letter from Eyes on J on May 4, 2020)

Your patience with us during this process is appreciated. We will have an adjusted schedule to regulate patient flow through the office, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone’s appointment requests as soon as possible.

Although the new public health order allows for routine exams to resume, they are still recommending telehealth as an option where applicable. Of course a routine exam cannot be accomplished from home, but those conditions that can be managed from home will still be accommodated.

We will be sending out more information very soon to inform you of our new office protocols and what you can expect when you visit Eyes on J going forward. We recognize that you have trusted us with your vision over the years and your continued trust is so important to us.

As a reminder, Dr. Swanson is always available for your urgent eye health needs. Please don’t wait until we re-open if you are experiencing eye health issues. Call the office and follow the prompt to reach Dr. Swanson’s cell phone.

With this, we are looking forward to continuing your eyecare as soon as we can do it safely. We will be sending out more emails in the next couple of weeks. Your attention to these notifications is appreciated as they will contain important information regarding the “New Normal” when you visit Eyes on J.

Stay healthy and well.

Warmest regards,
Dr. Swanson and Staff

Please be comforted that Dr. Swanson will be available for Urgent Eye Care via telemedicine. ***Please note if you are having an Eye Health Emergency, please call 911. Dr. Swanson is not set up for emergencies, only urgent care.

What is defined as urgent care are symptoms such as:

● Red eyes
● Itchy Eyes
● Sudden onset of blurred vision
● Flashes of light with floaters
● Excessive eye discharge
● Abrasions
● Foreign bodies in the eye
● Eye Pain
● Contact lens infections

Dr. Swanson will attempt to advise/treat via phone appointments utilizing photos and detailed history of events and symptoms. She will do her best to treat you without having to leave your home.

To reach Dr. Swanson for an Urgent Only Eye Care issue please call the office phone number at (916) 447-3000 and press 1. This will ring to Dr. Swanson’s cell phone and she will return your messages as soon as she can between the hours of 7 am to 9 pm.

Please leave non-urgent messages on the office answering machine or email through our website and Dr Swanson will do her best to respond within a few days as long as it is not a question that can wait until we re-open for regular business.

Your Orders

● Rest assured if you do not require your orders before we re-open, they will be held here at the office until you are ready to pick them up once we resume regular business.
● If you need your glasses or contact lenses before we re-open, please use the contact link on our website to send an email message that you would like to pick up your glasses. We will schedule an appointment for pick up at the office.
● If you would like your order to be shipped to your home, please send an email through our website at and click on the “Contact” tab to request shipping. A USPS Priority Shipping rate of $8.25 will apply.

New Contact Lens Orders:

● If you need to re-order contact lenses, you can do so by visiting our website at and clicking the “order contact lenses” link on the homepage.
● If you need to order your contact lenses and would like to apply your insurance or you do not know your prescription, please email us using the “Contact” tab on our website and we can assist you in the ordering process.

We appreciate your patience as we take each day to figure out these new policies and changes. We will do our best to stay connected with you as things change.

Please continue to read our emails and notifications over the coming weeks to stay informed.

Most importantly, stay home safe and healthy with your families, the more we all stay home the faster we will be able to “flatten the curve” and resume our normal lives. We are here for you now and look forward to being there for you for many years to come.

Stay well,
Dr. Swanson and Staff

916-447-3000 PARKING