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Caring for
Your Visual Needs
at Any Age

At Eyes on J, we offer exclusive services for eyes over 40. We understand that for those who have crossed the age of 40, special eye care is required. This is because once you cross the age of 40, your vision starts to change. It is around this time that presbyopia starts to develop. For the uninitiated, presbyopia is the loss of the eyes’ ability to focus on objects which are near. It is an age-related process that happens naturally as you get older.

For eyes over 40, Eyes on J offers all kinds of specialized services and products, including reading glasses, progressive lenses, a series of tests, exams and many more. Just because your vision is naturally deteriorating doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your ability to see. Today, there are all kinds of advanced solutions to any kind of vision-related problem, including presbyopia.

If you are over the age of 40 and you feel that your vision is gradually deteriorating, we suggest you pay Eyes on J a visit as soon as possible in our downtown Sacramento office.

Dr. Swanson will run a few tests and eye exams to determine what exactly you are suffering from. If it is indeed age-related presbyopia, then she may advise that you wear reading glasses or progressive lenses. In extreme cases, presbyopia surgery may even be required.

It is important to know the signs of age-related presbyopia so you can decide the right time to seek medical attention. The most common sign that you may be suffering from presbyopia is if you have problems with your vision while reading or sitting in front of your laptop or while looking at your phone screen. Objects which are closer are harder to see. If you have experienced this, it means it’s time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Swanson.

Come In
and Get Tested

Maintaining eye health is important at any age, but as you grow older there is no reason why your daily life should be hampered by poor vision, or a condition which can be treated. If you have noticed a deterioration in eyesight, schedule an appointment today, or come in and visit our team. We are here to help you see your best!

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