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Eyes on J offers a wide range of professional eye exam and eye care services. Passionate about helping people improve their overall eye health, we provide comprehensive tests and eye care services using state-of-the-art equipment.

Our friendly and approachable staff will ensure your comfort as long as you are under our care, while Dr. Sarah Swanson, with her years of expertise, will make sure that you receive the best medical attention for your eyes.

Being a pioneer in optometry in downtown Sacramento, we offer our patients nothing less than what their money’s worth. Each service we provide is guaranteed with quality, and we always go the extra mile to ensure that you and your eyes get the care you deserve.

To better understand how Eyes on J can help you with your eye care, take a look at some of the services we offer to our patients below:


Eye exams are a critical, and often the first step in ensuring that your eyes receive the care and attention they are supposed to get. Regular eye check-ups are essential, even if you are not currently wearing glasses or contact lenses. Especially in a world like today where we strain our eyes heavily every day, it becomes that much easier to develop vision and eye health problems. Even if you already wear glasses or contact lenses, it is highly likely that your prescription will change over the years. This means that paying a visit to the optometry office at least once a year is something you should never skip.

At Eyes on J, we offer a wide range of eye exams to determine if you suffer from any vision problems. While some of these exams are fairly simple, some are much more complex and require the use of technologically advanced tools and equipment. Some of the most common procedures and tests which are used to examine your eyes include visual acuity tests, depth perception test, color blindness test, cover test, refraction test, etc. These procedures and/or tests are usually carried out by optometrists and ophthalmologists. At Eyes on J, Dr. Swanson, with help from the staff, will make sure you feel safe and comfortable during your exam.



Optomap Retinal Imaging is a procedure where the retina is examined using an advanced retinal imaging device. This device allows Dr. Swanson to obtain an ultra-widefield digital retinal image using a low-powered scanning laser, without requiring the use of dilation drops. The Optomap device is so powerful and widely preferred by eye professionals across the globe as it has the ability to display more than 80 percent of the retina. For reference, this is five times wider than what the standard digital retinal photography can display.

Since the retina is the only part of our body where we can see blood vessels directly, having the ability to capture an ultra-widefield image of it can really help us in identifying not just eye conditions such as retinal tears and detachments, glaucoma, etc., but also other diseases including hypertension and diabetes. The earlier we detect any abnormalities in your retina, the more chances you have of a successful treatment.

Optomap Retinal Imaging takes only a few seconds and the friendly staff here at Eyes on J will ensure you are completely at ease from the moment you step into our office untilthe time you leave.



Today, contact lenses are one of the most popular forms of vision improvement. Millions of people around the world wear contact lenses on a daily basis, and it’s no wonder they are so popular. They are simple, easy to put on and remove, while being extremely effective. Moreover, they do not bring about any change to your physical appearance like glasses do.

At Eyes on J, we offer patients all kinds of contact lenses. Whether you are looking for transparent or colored contacts, disposable lenses or traditional/reusable lenses, daily wear lenses or extended wear lenses, soft lenses, gas permeable lenses, or silicone hydrogel lenses, we have got it all. Visit our office in downtown Sacramento to see for yourself our wide range of options.



Dr. Swanson has been helping patients living with various eye conditions for many years, and her experience in the field, her friendliness, as well as her genuine ability to make her patients feel cared for and at ease have made her a distinguished and esteemed doctor that many people will happily recommend.

Not only can she identify eye conditions using various tests and procedures, she can also help in the treatment of such conditions. So, whether you have glaucoma, nearsightedness, farsightedness, cataract, strabismus, or any other eye condition, you can be confident that you are in great hands with Dr. Swanson.



LASIK eye surgery is one of the most common surgical eye treatment procedures available today. After your LASIK surgery, it’s crucial that you receive quality care from a professional who has the required qualifications apart from years of experience. At Eyes on J, you can get quality LASIK care that you will not get anywhere else. Our dedication and high quality of services and products simply don’t compare to others.



At Eyes on J, we take care of not only your eye health, but your eyewear too. For years, people have come to us to get their eyewear repaired because once you experience the Eyes on J difference, you simply don’t want to go anywhere else. You won’t even notice that your eyewear was damaged, it will be like new!

Eyes on J is your one-stop shop for complete eye care. Whether you need to have your eyes checked, or you need new contact lenses or glasses, or you need to have your eyewear repaired, all you have to do is visit us at our Sacramento office.


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