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Ensuring Optimum
Optical Health
for You

Billions of people around the globe struggle to see the world with clarity because they suffer from some form of eye condition and vision impairment. You may be one of them too.

Your eyes are precious and vulnerable, being subjected to conditions and factors that can hamper your vision over time. But don’t worry because there are experts to help you get clear vision back.

Whenever people in Sacramento face any vision-related problem, they approach Eyes on J for help. Eyes on J, a premier optometric clinic, is helmed by Dr. Sarah Swanson, who has years of experience in treating different eye conditions.

What do we offer?

Dr. Swanson at Eyes on J has built a successful track record of treating eye conditions through advanced treatment options. She and her team of ophthalmologists are well-equipped with extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to provide vision-correcting solutions that people require. Here are common eye conditions that Dr. Swanson treats at our facility:

  • Astigmatism: This condition is marked by irregular or uneven curvature of the lens or cornea, which causes distorted or blurred vision. Some symptoms of astigmatism include eye strain, need to squint, watery eyes, and headaches. Dr. Swansoncan treat moderate to severe astigmatism with corrective eyewear or LASIK surgery.
  • Myopia: Also called nearsightedness, this condition is characterized by good close-range vision but blurred distance vision. It occurs when the eyeball elongates from front to back. Dr. Swanson undertakes routine eye examinations and recommends treatment options like eyeglasses, contact lenses, photorefractive keratectomy(PRK), LASIK, radial keratotomy (RK) and acrylic corneal implants.
  • Hyperopia: Also known as farsightedness, this condition is characterized by good distance vision, but a bad close-range vision. It occurs when the eyeball shortens from front to back, or the cornea has minimal curvature. Eyeglasses, contact lenses, LASIK and photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) are standard treatment options for hyperopia.
  • Presbyopia: This age-related condition occurs when the lens loses flexibility, making it harder to see closer objects clearly. This is an inevitable condition but can be treated with corrective lenses like progressives, bifocals, trifocals, monovision therapy, and multifocal contact lenses.
  • Cataracts: This is also an age-related problem of the eyes, occurring when the lens becomes cloudy, causing foggy vision. Sensitivity to light and seeing double are also symptoms of a cataract. Dr. Swanson performs a cataract surgery to remove the cloudy layer and replace it with an artificial lens.
  • Glaucoma: This is a common disease that is characterized by damage caused to the optic nerve. It mostly occurs when fluid builds up in the front of the eye, putting excessive pressure on it and damaging the optic nerve. Dr. Swanson treats glaucoma with eye drops, medication, traditional surgery, laser surgery, or a combination of these methods.
Don’t let eye conditions cause irreparable damage to your vision. Whenever you feel your vision is not right or there is discomfort in your eyes, get in touch with Eyes on J and our team will be happy to help you. Schedule an appointment today!
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